Monday, April 3, 2023

WildBit Viewer 6.10

 What's new in 6.10 release version
- Viewer,Slide Show,Editor,Search,Profile Switcher & Multi Screen Viewer <> Updated Eurekalog to version.
- Viewer <> Image Info, Other (PNG metadata) (can show for example AI generated metadata info) added.
- Search <> Can search PNG metadata (for example AI generated metadata) added under EXIF, IPTC, XMP & Other tab.
- Editor <> Retouch tools: Blur, Motion Blur, UnSharpen, Smooth, Smudge, Pixelize, Saturation, Wave, Sharpen, Auto-Sharpen, Brightness and Clone tool added.
plus Lots of bug fixes and changes, check Readme files for details.


  1. Thank you. I saw the changes. It's very good that the 'Image Info' window is always above the main window. But unfortunately it's hard to use in the way the view is implemented now, when a long text is squeezed into one-line short cell:

    1. Important: a long query in this control is impossible to read. You can't see the whole query. Also, you can't switch between images and see how the query changes.
    I understand that this is a one type of control for all data: EXIF, IPTC, etc. But you can only make reading text of such a large size usable by changing this control to a scalable multi-line representation.

    2. Minor: аn important and frequently used part of workflow - prompt copying - is very complicated for user in this type of control. You can't make an intuitive action: mark a cell with a query and press Ctrl-C or make a right-click - it doesn't work. To copy, you have to double-click on the text, select all and then copy. Or click on the 'Copy' button and then select option in the dropdown menu'EXIF/IPTC/Other'.

    3. A 'freeze data' bug. It appears when the field with the request is active, that is, when the cursor is set in it. If you keep the 'Image Info' window open and click on different images in different folders, the metadata in the active cell does not change.

  2. 4. it's very good that the 'other' field has also been added to the picture search. However, in the results found you can only view the pictures themselves, but you can't see or copy metadata, also you can't go in the viewer to the folder where this picture is contained. A double click on the picture will only open it in the default application. That is, search results are not integrated with the viewer.

    Translated with (free version)

  3. 5.
    In the single image view mode you can zoom the picture with the mouse wheel, move to the next or previous picture with the keyboard arrows or with the taskbar arrows. But if the 'Image Info' window is open, the window with the image below it is completely blocked. At the same time, in the browser mode, when we see previews of images, the open 'Image Info' window does not block the window below it, and this is convenient.

  4. hmm. You might want to change in Viewer Options: Under Startup & General tab -> Image Info and Multipage View Dockable. That way Image Info is little bit better setted while viewing images. Caution, there is few limitations with that Dockable setting. If you cannot set it, then you have too little screen. Usually without docking that Image Info window is one time view for one screen and if you have two screens then you can drag that window there and get full view for one monitor.
    About that Ctrl+C issue. I have now changed it to working as similar what EXIF/IPTC info works. Also I have now adjusted columns so that "non. fixed" column can be resized too.

  5. About that Ctrl+C change, it is coming to next version :) And if you want to try early version, please email me so I can give you the link to test it. I cannot say yet when this next version is ready. :)

    Thanks for the tip about the option to make 'Image Info' dockable. It's a very useful thing. However, even if you increase the height of the control, the text in it will still be single-line. It would be great if it were possible to make the text in a cell multiline. Being able to change the height of the cell as the user wants would make it as usable as possible.

  7. About the single line issue, its the component restriction what limits it. I will try to find a way to get around that limit.