Saturday, December 17, 2022

Delphi tips for VCL Styles

Here is tips for Delphi developers what I noticed during activating VCL Styles support in to WildBit Viewer.

1. Try activating VCL Styles to see about how ready your project is for Styling.

2. Decide where to activate styles in your project. I noticed that when activating style in FormCreate it creates less flickering and less issues in my project. Note! It depends on your project and needs.

3. Setting style : TStyleManager.TrySetStyle('Windows11 White Smoke');

4. When some 3rd party controls are not supporting properly styles then you can color that control manually:

    TStyleManager.ActiveStyle.GetStyleFontColor(sfTreeItemTextNormal); //Note! need to find suitable Color, check documentation.


    TStyleManager.ActiveStyle.GetStyleColor(scToolBarGradientBase); //Note! need to find suitable Color, check documentation.

Note! you need to add Vcl.Themes, Vcl.Styles in uses.

5. Consider to close app when setting Styles and display MessageDlg to user before closing app if you are not wanting to set styles in runtime.

6. Consider to replace some controls to get instant VCL Styles support or request to support VCL Styles.

7. Consider to use LockDrawing and UnLockDrawing to speedup drawing.

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