Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Feature requests for Viewer

If you have any feature requests, please comment :)


  1. 2 things:
    • “over 70 formats” ? but does it support WebP? It’s free/open-source, and I’m converting a lot of my images to that so it’s pretty pointless without it
    • A really nice-to-have feature is the ability to view/browse images inside archive folders (zip/tar/rar/7z/lha)

  2. Hi,

    WebP is not yet supported, sorry. I've been thinking to add imagemagick.dll at somepoint to support even more formats. But in the meanwhile if you want to just convert ex. jpeg to WebP in powershell. Here is an example:

    To view/browse zip/tar/rar/7z etc archive files: That would be rather difficult to add. Zip would be easiest one cause Windows sees it as normal folder and ex. Viewer uses explorer view to view image files. But for other formats 7z dll needed. Anyway I need to think this idea more.